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I'm Mark QuiƱanola and I'm located in Aliso Viejo, California. That's me next to that good looking lady, who I didn't just meet while I was taking a lonely walk during sunset at the beach, but who is actually my wife of 5 years.  Anyways, I'm a photographer that just wants to create awesome photos; photos that inspire, photos that make you ask "how'd he do that?" or "where the heck is that?", or photos that aren't typical of what you see (photos of the family wearing white button ups and jeans at the beach).

I'm not claiming to be the greatest photographer out there.  I am so far from it.  I'm not the Michael Jordan or Mike Tyson or Anderson Silva or Beatles (any one of them) of photography.  I'm learning and hopefully improving everyday, but hopefully I can create photos that one day will have a style where people will say, "Oh, that's a Mark QuiƱanola photo" without having to look at the watermark. 

Random facts in no particular order:

-Since I'm no professional and I still have to support my habit of eating, I teach teenagers math in Santa Ana, California whether they like it or not. 

-I shoot with a Canon 7D that I purchased from a dude off of craigslist.

-My first DSLR was a Canon XS that my wife gave me.  Big time thanks to my wife for introducing me to the world of DSLRs.  She probably regrets it now because of all of the gear that I have been shopping for as of late. Unfortunately, since I upgraded, I just sold the Canon XS to some dude off of craigslist.  Actually, some girl. 

-My wife and I are currently taking a photo class under the tutelage of Laura Hoffman.  If you don't know who she is, look her up.  Her art and teaching skills are top notch. 

-My wife and I have a dog named Banksy.  He is the greatest dog ever.  He is part German Shepherd, boxer, and whatever else that was in the neighborhood at the time he was conceived.  Either way, God chose to put in the best qualities from each breed into this super dog.

-My favorite genre of music is ska.  I suppose that is why the ska man and checkers make up my watermark.  Its a different type of music that is infused with reggae, jazz, rock, and punk influences.  Either way, God chose to put in the best qualities from each genre into this super genre. 

-I really enjoy photography.  I enjoy creating photos of all kinds of things:  urban areas, street art, my dog, unique places, cool people, etc.  I'm inspired by music, man-made art, and all of the God-made natural art in the world around us.  Either way, through each time that I look through the viewfinder and I press that shutter button, I hope God chooses to put the best qualities from what inspires me into a super photo. 

Feel free to contact me at photographymq@gmail.com

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